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Free 50 Euro From Admiral Markets

Written By batlax on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hello guys... welcome back at catatansibatlax.blogspot.com. Today i will give you some information about No-Deposit Bonuses Promotion from AdmiralMarkets!!!! Hurray!!!!! hahahahaha...

Admiral Market broker, its one of the good brokers online and they are giving a free bonus which $50 but its limited to some certain countries so thats not nice, but i found that they are offering 50 euro as welcome bonus with some easy condition.

How To Get:
1. First you will have to sign up for demo account from here loaded with 50 euro from this link.
2. Start trading with your account until you make it reach to 100 euro.
3. Go to this link and sign up for real account, they will not ask you to verify your account but you will have to verify it when withdrawing.
4. Send a request to this email address support@fxservice.com to transfer the profit (50 euro profit from demo account) to your real account.


- Promotional account number: (demo account number)
- Admiral Markets account number: (your real account number)
- Full Name:
- Date:

How To Withdraw:
You must verify your account with your paper in order to be able to withdraw.